Emotiva RMC-1L – 16 Channel Reference Cinema Processor


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Product Description


The RMC-1L is a Reference Level 3D audio surround sound processor/preamplifier with 16 discrete channels – designed from the ground up to serve as the nerve centre of a state-of-the-art home cinema and surround sound music system.

At Emotiva, there is an absolute passion for sound quality; it’s in their DNA. When they set out to design the RMC-1L, their goal was to deliver the same Reference-Caliber sound quality from movies that we demand from our favourite audiophile recordings. They engineered an innovative hardware platform from the ground up combining powerful, cutting-edge digital audio technologies and meticulous classic analog circuit design to deliver the highest quality, immersive audio experience. To control this advanced hardware, they developed an all-new proprietary operating system, which was carefully engineered to be both simple to use and incredibly flexible. Creating the entire system in-house gave them precise control over the design and construction process and continues to enable them to carefully fine-tune the features and capabilities of each of their processors. Many of these innovations were first showcased in their critically acclaimed XMC-1 processor.  

The RMC-1L takes this technological innovation to the next level. The RMC-1L incorporates the latest 4K video switching capabilities and most advanced surround sound decoding and processing. It also has sixteen channels of the latest audio digital to analog conversion hardware to take full advantage of object-oriented surround sound formats – Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. 18 Gbps, bit-perfect video switching in the RMC-1L ensure that you’ll get the best possible image quality from the latest HDR and DolbyVision 4K UHD content. The advanced audio decoding engine, audio processing hardware, and room correction options guarantee true audiophile sound quality and system performance in any room. The RMC-1L is not only a superb home theatre processor but is also a true audiophile stereo and multichannel audio component. It’s what makes the RMC-1L stand out from other processors on the market. 

Perfect for BOTH Home Theatre Fans And Audiophiles

The RMC-1L delivers the level of audio performance and features you would expect from separate high-end audiophile components, but combines those with precise bit-perfect video switching of the latest HDR and DolbyVision 4K UHD video content, and plenty of channels to support the latest object-oriented

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